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Transport Grid logistics has exclusive connect with the top 100+ reputed Power Only brokers and shippers, so you don’t have to sit idle in search of loads instead of driving. Our dedicated dispatcher understands the truck-to-load ratio and uses this information while negotiating higher freight rates on your behalf, helping you earn more behind each mile you drive!

A flatbed truck is a heavy-duty vehicle and supports the United States economy as no other truck can. These trucks are used in construction projects which require piping, beams, columns, frames, and other bulky or oddly shaped loads.

Start dispatching your trucks with us, and you will never find any of your trucks idle in the backyard!

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The flatly shaped body makes it much easier to load and unload goods, saving the driver's time. At Transport Grid, we have dispatchers with the extensive reach of shippers and brokers who constantly search for flatbed trucks to dispatch their oversized loads.


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Our team can handle all your requests, from door-to-door and import/export services, to cross-trading and integrated logistics, thanks to the synergy with the most qualified international transport and logistics companies. We can guarantee transports across the globe and fast delivery. Our sea freight transport services, which often need to be integrated with road freight transport and logistics, stand out for quality, cost, and timing.


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