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Top 5 Trends That Can Change the Trucking Industry in 2022!

Companies in logistics face tremendous losses in 2020 – 21 and now it’s time to focus on 2022.

None of us can predict what 2022 will exactly bring in for the trucking industry, but some of the trends from 2021 will be carry on into 2022 and beyond. 

In this blog, let us understand how some of the biggest trends from last year can impact your trucking business this year.

Below are the five trends that can transform the trucking industry in 2022!

1. Affect of Rising fuel cost for companies in logistics:

Nation’s current average price per gallon of diesel fuel stands at $3.67, which is $1.14 higher than it was a year ago. 

During the pandemic, the demand for fuel had decrease

 due to fewer moving vehicles on the road. After the pandemic, it suddenly rose to an unexpected level. 

Since then, demand for fuel has increased, but the production still hasn’t caught. Most experts predict that oil production will catch up with the demand in 2022.

And diesel prices will eventually decrease and generate profits for companies in logistics.

 If that does not happen, the costs will go high and push the freight rates higher!

2. Higher freight volume:

According to the American Trucking Association’s U.S Freight Transportation Forecast-2022, the United States will likely see a 24% increase in freight tonnage. 

The revenue is predicted to increase by 67%, and most of the gains will occur through the companies in logistics. 

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3. Shorter haul gaining popularity:

Data gathered by ATA’s research institute towards the analysis of the operational costs of trucking came out with results claiming that 69% of the hauls made by the carriers in 2020 were under 500 miles. 

If this trend continues at the same pace, it will become the most wanted hauling type in the industry. Shorter hauls allow drivers to be at home longer and avoid health risks.

4. Working with a dispatch company:

A recent survey conducted by Transport Grid revealed that 70% of the companies in logistics including owner-operators had book at least one load through a dispatch company.

 Booking loads through a dispatching company is a part of the trucking industry and will likely grow in 2022. 

Dispatching your trucks with us offers you various benefits like dedicated dispatcher, carrier packets & invoicing, shipper-broker relationships, negotiated rates, 24×7 support, and freight factoring.

5. Driver detention:

As an owner-operator or carrier, you know that detention is one of the significant problems to address among companies in logistics. 

MIT researcher David Correll inform members of congress that 40% of the trucker’s day is wasted in waiting to get their trucks loaded. 

He also said that most truckers only spend about 7 hours moving the loads even though 11 hours is allow under HOS regulations.

Your driver’s detention can be reduced by dispatching Transport Grid’s most trustable shippers and brokers.

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